Nguyen Van Duong – Key Role In The Rikvip Case

The Rikvip Case, a multi-billion gambling network, caused a public uproar in 2018. In this case, Nguyen Van Duong played a crucial and pivotal role, while Phan Sao Nam initiated and directed the operation. Despite CNC Company lacking operational licenses from regulatory authorities, Duong agreed to collaborate with Nam in launching the online gambling game.

The operation of the gambling network relied heavily on the vital role of CNC Company, particularly in facilitating telecommunications payment connections and leasing hotline numbers to assist and address players’ inquiries about Rikvip. Notably, Duong also contacted officials within the high-tech crime prevention agency to facilitate the operations of this gambling network.

During the trial, the defendants Phan Van Vinh and Nguyen Thanh Hoa, had their mitigating circumstances considered. The investigative agency did not have sufficient evidence to determine if these two defendants personally benefited. Therefore, in the course of prosecution, they were charged with the offenses of abusing their positions and powers in the performance of official duties, which constitute organized crimes.

Compared to defendant Duong, Hoa and Vinh had different mitigating circumstances. Vinh was a war invalid, a hero of the people’s armed forces, while Hoa had revolutionary contributions and numerous achievements in his work. These factors were taken into account when determining the sentencing for each defendant.

As the news of the Rikvip case was disseminated through the media, numerous questions arose. One of them was: How much was Nguyen Van Duong fined after being arrested? According to the investigative agency, Duong was required to repay over 1,600 billion Vietnamese dong to remedy the consequences. Currently, he has only repaid nearly 400 billion Vietnamese dong, thus he must continue to pay the remaining amount to fulfill his 10-year imprisonment sentence.

Another question of public interest was: Has Nguyen Van Duong been imprisoned or not? Currently, he is still in the period of serving his sentence. Based on the current execution timeline, Nguyen Van Duong must serve an additional 3 years to complete the announced verdict.

Finally, the question of whether Nguyen Van Duong was the mastermind behind the network has been answered. As mentioned above, Duong and Nam are the two key masterminds behind the Rikvip gambling network. The collaboration between these two individuals created a large-scale gambling network with staggering profits.

The Rikvip case has shed light on the importance of adhering to the law and individual responsibility in business and society. Violations of the law, such as this case, will continue to be thoroughly investigated and prosecuted, serving as a warning to those with intentions of committing similar offenses in the future.

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